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On-campus parking is a privilege extended by the Board of Trustees to the faculty, staff, student body, and guests. To ensure safety and the efficient use of available parking spaces, parking rules and regulations adopted by the Board are enforced all year round. A proper permit is required for all on-campus parking.

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More Parking Rules and Guidelines

Overnight Parking


  • Parking rules and regulations are enforced 24 hours, daily.

Parking Guidelines

  1. All vehicles shall be parked clearly within a designated parking stall (between the white lines)
  2. Vehicles shall be parked head in only.
  3. Motorcycles must be parked in designated motorcycle parking areas located in all student lots.
  4. Designated parking spaces are provided in all campus parking lots for holders of Department of Motor Vehicles disabled license plates or placards.
  5. Do not park in white loading zones, yellow loading zones, or blue disabled spaces or access areas without proper authorization or placards.
  6. Never park, stop, or stand in any red zone, traffic thoroughfare, driveways, or grass or planter areas.
  7. Do not park, drive, stop or stand on the inner campus or athletic areas without expressed consent from the Director of Campus Safety and Security or his/her designee.
  8. Maximum speed while driving on campus is 10 miles per hour.


Off-Campus Parking

When parking off-campus, public street parking restrictions and guidelines are enforced by the City of Hayward and the Hayward Police Department. Restrictions can be added or changed at any moment.

General tips when parking off-campus:

  • Check signs for parking restrictions
  • Do not leave valuables in the car
  • Be aware of your surroundings for safety