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主题: 请附上表格的标题(例如. 申请学位或证书,学生 数据变更等.)

信息: Please include a detailed, but brief message in regards to your situation 和 include 你的W号,姓和名.

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  • 续学呈请书 
    Students can request an academic renewal for subst和ard grades (D, F) received. 的 subst和ard grade(s) may be disregarded in the computation of a student's GPA if the work was not reflective of the student's present scholastic level of performance. 详情请咨询顾问.

  • 入学申请:  PDF  在线

  • 申请退还学费 
    Students may request a refund of enrollment fees as long as the student withdraws from the class during the first two weeks of class for a regular term class, or by 短期课程长度的10%. 退款不是自动的.

  • 加州非居民学费豁免(AB540) 
    AB 540/2000/SB 68: Students who have A) attended a combination of California high school, middle/elementary school, California adult school, or California community college for the equivalent of three years or more, AND B) have graduated from a California high school or equivalent (such as a GED), have an associate degree from a CA community college, or have met minimum CSU or UC transfer requirements may be eligible to have their non-resident tuition waived by completing the AB 540 affidavit 和 submitting 支持记录.  有关完整的资格标准,请访问我们的 AB 540 网页或联络 梦想中心 寻求帮助.   电子邮件 cc-dreamcenter@attes.net

  • 类重叠
    Students are only permitted to enroll in classes that overlap when extenuating circumstances 存在. This form may only be used when the time overlap between classes is 15 minutes 或更少. 任何重叠超过15分钟的课程都需要一个 备用指令合同.

  • 先前学习学分表
  • 证书/文凭申请表副本
    处理时间: 4至6周
    For students requiring a replacement or an additional copy of a diploma or certificate.

  • 注册验证

    For verification of enrollment status for insurance or employment purposes or other 原因. 
    Companies 和 third parties requesting to verify a student's enrollment or degree, 请与 全国学生信息交流中心.

  • 请原谅撤回申请表格   
    In the event that a student wishes to drop one or more courses on the grounds of an extenuating circumstance that prohibited them from dropping these courses or continuing 出席. Extenuating circumstances are verified cases of accidents, illness, other circumstances beyond the control of the student, 和 other conditions, defined by the local governing board 和 published in college regulations. 
    NOTE:  In accordance with Title 5, Section 55024 (e), an EW symbol may be requested by the student at any time during the semester 和 no later than the date when the 学区/学院政策允许改年级.

  • 通识教育(CSU或IGETC)认证申请表  
    IGETC (Intersegmental General Education Transfer Curriculum) 和 CSU General Education certification verifies that a student has completed lower division general education UC或CSU的要求. IGETC可用于UC和CSU. CSU认证 只适用于犯罪现场组吗.

  • 入学成绩单评估
    Students who have completed coursework at an accredited college outside the Chabot‐Las Positas Community College District 和/or AP test(s) may have these records evaluated. 学生必须在查伯特学院完成6个单元 must be enrolled in at least 6 units @ “大学 prior to submitting an Incoming 成绩单评估.

  • 主要的声明 & 小学校园的改变
    NOTE: 学生的家庭校园 designation determines the college (“大学 or Las Positas College) in which they may receive support services including, but not 仅限于财务援助,CalWORKs, CARE和EOPS.  学生的家庭校园最初是 由提交入学申请决定.  学生的家庭校园 designation may not be changed once a student has been disbursed financial aid for 颁奖年度.  A student may only change their home campus designation before receiving 奖学金年度的经济资助.
  • 申请恢复开除状态  
  • Students who have been dismissed from Chabot or Las Positas College may apply for 一个学期不出勤后重新入学.

  • 及格/不及格学分申请
    此选项并非适用于所有课程. 请查阅课程表 看看这个课程是否符合条件. 
    Students can complete 和 submit this form if they choose to complete “大学 courses for a Pass/No Pass grade, instead of a st和ard letter grade.

  • 居留权重新分类申请书  
    Petition to amend the residency rate determined by the data you entered on your application 或者通知学院改变你以前的身份. 电子邮件 cc-residency@attes.net

  • 从非居民身份重新分类:
    军事 , 军事依赖   

  • 申请学位或证书
    • Deadline to Petition for Degree/Certificate for Spring 2024 is April 1, 2024.
    • 请参阅 毕业的清单 提交此表格前.
      Students may receive degrees or certificates at the end of any term. 学生希望 to petition for graduation must file a 申请学位或证书. 请检查 每年的校历 截止日期.
    • To check the status of your request for degree/certificate, please review the information 在这里.

  • 请求审计一个类
  • 学生资料更改表格

    Make changes to student's: Name, Address, Telephone number, Social security number, 电子邮件地址、生日. 如果要改名,一定要附上一份法律文件 名称的改变. This can consist of a copy of your driver's license, ID card, marriage certificate, or any other court/government document showing the legal 名称的改变.

  • 记录请求
    处理时间: St和ard -  10 business days;  Rush - 2 business days
    A transcript is the official record of your academic achievement. 你可以订购副本 of transcripts to send to yourself or other educational institutions, employers, or 机构.